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The Most Dangerous Legislation I've Seen...

"This is the most dangerous piece of legislation I've seen in more than 30 years working in this industry." These were the words of Darrell Minniear, President of Martinsville DuPont Credit Union, as he spoke with the delegation from the Piedmont Chapter which made the trip to Richmond on January 28th. House Bill 482 and Senate Bill 440 would essentially make it possible for a bank to acquire a state chartered credit union while simultaneously decimating the equity that members have built up over the years. The Piedmont Chapter of Credit Unions is asking you, the members and employees of all credit unions in Southside Virginia, to stand with us in opposition to this bill.

Please visit this link for more details on how you can contact your elected representatives to voice your opinion and opposition to HB 482/SB 440. ...keep reading

Piedmont Chapter Presents Donation to God's Storehouse

The Piedmont Chapter of Credit Unions was proud to present an early Christmas gift of $500 to God's Storehouse in Danville!  This gift was made possible by the Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia.  This Christmas the foundation will make it possible for credit union chapters across the state to contribute $10,000 to local Food Banks and Salvation Armies.  Vanessa Scearce from the Piedmont Chapter and Goodyear-Danville Family CU said, "We're very excited to see ...keep reading

December 2009 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Credit Unions: We're the Solution
  • Upcoming Chapter Elections
  • Chapter Annual Meeting
  • Chapter Donations to Local Charities
  • Credit Union Day at the General Assembly
  • Hike the Hill December 2009

Do You Trust Me?

According to this report from Aite Group, LLC(link broken 2010-09-08), 22% of Amoerican don't trust the bank they currently use.  Maybe it's time to switch to using a credit union!

Chapter Workshop

Date and Time: 
11/05/2009 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Place: Ballou Park Senior Citizens' Center in Danville, VA.

You must register for the workshop by October 28, 2009.

Details are found in the attached file.

Thoughts from the October 13, 2009 Chapter Meeting

There were three things that really caught my attention at last night's meeting.

The first was Norman's announcement that he would be stepping down as chapter president after his present term. The other two were things said by our speaker William Coleman. ...keep reading

Why I Think CU's Should Celebrate International Credit Union Day

With the growth, expansion and regulation of credit unions there is a tendency for us to act more and more like our counterparts in the banking industry. Credit unions must hold on to what makes them different. The credit union difference is so much more than just lower fees and great member service, it's a proclamation to the world of what credit unions stand for. What we stand for can be summed up in two words. Our Members. No other financial organization can truly say this, that their whole purpose in life is the financial well-being and success of their members. ...keep reading

Do you use your own credit union's services?

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October 2009 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • International Credit Union Day 2009
  • Next Chapter Meeting is in South Boston, VA
  • Resources for Credit Unions
  • How Will You Celebrate ICU Day?
  • Why I Think CU's Should Celebrate ICU Day
  • MDCU Host Phone Bank for Delegate
  • Share Your Newsletter
  • Talk Back - Take our latest online poll.
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