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In Case You Missed It.... Audio from June 17, 2010 Meeting

Attached to this post is an audio file from our June 17, 2010 Chapter Meeting.  Kristen Tatlock of the Virginia Credit Union League delivered an excellent program focusing on all the various regulatory and compliance changes that are taking place this year.  There were lots of great questions asked and lots of good discussion with real-life credit union scenarios.  Take a listen by clicking the Play button below.

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Thank You Note from the League

Please share with your fellow officers and chapter members our sincere appreciation of the Piedmont Chapter's recent sponsorship of the VACUPAC golf tournament, held during the the League's annual meeting. Due to the generosity of our sponsors and golfers, we were able to raise...

Financial Literacy Month and CU Youth Week

What is your credit union doing for Credit Union Youth Week or Financial Literacy Month?

What are some ideas for next year?
Should we do something to celebrate these events as a chapter next year?

Please share your plans, thoughts, or snide remarks by leaving a comment on the site or email Dan.

VA credit unions give $880,000 to nonprofits last year

The Richmond Times Dispatch published an article about the impact that our Virginia credit unions have made the last several years to charities and non-profits.  Read the full article here.

Congratulations to Our Friends...

Congratualtions are in order to our friends at the Richmond and Southside Chapters of Credit Unions which recently received national recognition in the form of a Diamond Award for their "What If?" campaign! ...keep reading

Financial Education... For Life

Date and Time: 
06/22/2010 - 9:00am - 3:00pm

This looks like a very good, FREE educational event from the league. See excerpt and download the registration flyer below...

"Whether you're teaching Kindergartners or Senior Citizens, the Virginia Credit Union League's Financial Education Committee has something valuable for you.

This one-day series or workshops advances through various age groups to give you ready-to-use, real-worl advice presented to you by award-winning financial education experts."

February 2010 Newsletter

In this issue...

  • Political Efforts Pay Off
  • Images from CU Day at the General Assembly
  • Proposed 2010 Officers
  • Danville CU's Find New Ways to Grow

Your Political Action Efforts Pay Off

Because of the expected consideration of the League compromise, we have canceled the action alert on for the bankers' bill. Thank you everyone for doing your part in getting us this far!

More than 1,100 Credit Union Activitists Sent a Message to State Lawmakers on the Bankers' Bill ...keep reading

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