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Welcome to the Piedmont Chapter of Credit Unions!

The Piedmont Chapter of Credit Unions, part of the VA Credit Union League, is an organization of credit unions in the Dan River Region of Virginia.  This is an area that spans from Patrick County in the West to Halifax County in the East.  In between there is Henry County, the city of Martinsville, Pittsylvania County, and the city of Danville.  The chapter is made up of credit union employees and volunteers.  It's mission is to promote the credit union movement in our region.  The chapter holds regular meetings where the issues facing credit unions are discussed.  It also hosts an educational workshop once per year for credit union employees and volunteers.

If you are a credit union employee or volunteer then please sign up for an account on this website.  You may use it to share what's going on at your credit union as well as to communicate and collaborate with your fellow credit union friends and collegues.  You may even find it to be a valuable resource tool to help you in your credit union career.