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Report from the Chapter Officers Workshop

Yesterday , the VA CU League hosted a chapter officers workshop in Richmond.  This was the first such workshop in five years.  Our good friend Don Graham facilitated the meeting.  League Vice President David Miles introduced us to the newly formed Credit Unions Care Foundation.  Since it won't be officially announced until the League Annual Meeting in May I'll not go into any details here.  Once it gets established and has a strong foothold I think this will be a good thing for credit unions of all sizes across the state.

Rick Pillow, League Preisdent, reminded us of the importance of political and legislative involvement with respect to our industry.  Admittedly this was an area in which I was lacking in understanding.  Now I understand where the League is coming from politically.  They just want to support candidates that support credit unions.  Sometimes this differs from what we support personally.  Their encouragement is this: Whoever you support, whether the league supports them or not, let them know you are with credit unions. 

Finally Don Graham hosted the final session about the roles of chapters and chapter officers.  I found this very helpful.  Many good ideas were shared from around the table.  We also should measure our success not by how many are coming to our chapter meetings, rather chapter success is measured by the amount of impact the chapter is having in the community, politically, and within individual credit unions. 

The day wound up with some spirited discussion about the future of chapters.  While some chapters are thriving, others are dwindling.  Some chapters felt a bit neglected by the League.  It was a good thing to get these concerns voiced and I have no doubt the League will be addressing them in the near future.

Those are my personal takeaways from the workshop.  As always it was great to meet people from other credit unions.  That remains one of the top reasons to go to events like this.  I'm always inspired to work harder at my credit union after visiting with other credit unions.  Thanks to Viriniga Credit Union for the use of their wonderful facility and to Don Graham for keeping the mood light, focused, and just being Don.

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