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Meeting Minutes - November 29, 2012

Date: November 29, 2012, 6:30pm
Location: Mary's Diner, Danville VA

Archie Glass called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Newcomers & Guests
Amy Pillow, wife of Rick Pillow
Shannon Reynolds, wife of Andrew Reynolds

Roll Call
There were 44 in attendance representing 5 credit unions.

Ted Fitz asked a blessing.

Minutes from the last meeting
There was a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes.  It was seconded.  A vote was taken. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report
Greg Hill made a motion to dispense with the reading of the Treasurer's Report.  There was a second.  A vote was taken. The Motion carried.

Old Business
There was no old business to discuss

New Business
There was no new business introduced

Legislative Report
Andrew Reynolds informed everyone of chapter's day at Capitol Hill.  The goal of this year's visit is to build on the already strong relationships which we have with our legislators. 

League Report
Rick Pillow shared the latest news from the VA Credit Union League.

Credit Union Philosophy
Rick Pillow was our guest speaker.  He focused on four areas that are at theforefront of this topic.  These are the notes of this minutes recorder as he spoke.

1) What is our purpose as a credit union?  Some look more like a bank.  We should always keep in our focus that the everyday member OWNs the credit union.  Our purpose is to serve them.

2) Passion!  If we ever lose this it will be the end of the credit union system.  The number of credit unions has declined over the years but today, as a whole, we're stronger and more stable than ever.  There are now more than 95 million members nationwide.

3) Keep Your Principles.  We ARE different from banks.  Credit unions like our own MDCU make small loans for next to nothing in return.  Banks don't do things like that.  Credit unions consistently do the right thing.

4)Be Persistent.  There are people in this world that want credit unions to disappear.  There is a constant legislative front which we must stand guard on.  We should continue and commit to helping our communities and in cooperative awareness campaigns.  VACUL is launching an awareness campaign in the spring of 2013.  Credit unions are encouraged to participate.

Prizes and Closing Remarks
Fran Hines won the 50/50 drawing.  She won $26.50
Carrie Merricks won a door prize, a $25 Applebee's gift card.

Archie Glass declared the meeting adjourned.  After a little more visiting together, we all left.

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