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Nathan Bowden - Credit Union Compliance (or Parenting Advice)

Watch as Nathan Bowden of the Virginia Credit Union League addresses the Piedmont Chapter on June 19th, 2012.  This video is applicable to credit union employees and volunteers regardless of their level of compliance expertise or involvement.

Also take a moment to view the League Report from the June 19th, 2012 meeting. Be sure to participate in the latest campaign to support the Member Business Lending bill currently in Congress.

Video Recap of the Legislative Roundtable

First of all I absolutely love my new MDCU Camo Cap!  The best gift from a CU host!  It was a great start to the meeting which in turn was one of the finest chapter events I've had the pleasure of taking part in.  Rather than a written recap I'll simply leave links to the video I took during the Legislative Roundtable.  They are embeded into this article.  Click read more to list all the clips... ...keep reading

Credit Union vs. Bank Videos

Here are a few very funny videos about the difference between credit unions and banks. They're oddly similar to the Mac vs. PC ads of 2008.

...keep reading

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